About company

For several years, CJSC Company "SpetsStroyMash" occupies a leading position in the market of construction services. We specialize in providing services in the field of special construction equipment, carry out major projects for installation works, as well as we are making the design estimates.

For a long time, CJSC Company "SpetsStroyMash" successfully operates in the field of loading and unloading operations and movement of cargos in different ways. List of lifting equipment includes not only roads and crawler cranes of various lifting capacity, but also the hydraulic systems for the movement of various kinds of large and heavy cargoes in confined spaces.

Our task is to free the customer from all cares one way or another related to the implementation of the order:

  • there is all the necessary equipment and means of mechanization to perform any lifting and other operations;
  • we can manufacture special tools (non-standard tooling) individually for your cargo, if the need arises;
  • we make projects of works’ execution, as well as comfortable and clear color installation diagrams;
  • all work in the Company "SpetsStroyMash" are performed by experienced specialists in various fields;
  • availability of the full package permissive documentation;
  • presence of a special certified equipment etc.

CJSC Company "SpetsStroyMash" carries out the installation of:

  • gas turbines;
  • steam turbines;
  • turbine units;
  • steam boilers operating on gaseous, liquid and solid fuels;
  • boilers of various modifications;
  • waste heat recovery boilers;
  • pipelines of high and low pressure;
  • auxiliary equipment and technological metal structures;
  • vessels working under pressure;
  • different column equipment;
  • technological equipment and technological pipelines for various purposes;
  • main metal structures - carcases of buildings and structures;
  • pipelines;
  • boilers;
  • external and internal engineering networks.

CJSC Company "SpetsStroyMash" is ready to offer cooperation in providing of a set of services in the field of design:

  • preparation of design estimates (full-service);
  • passing of the examinations (examination of industrial safety, state examinations);
  • designer supervision of projects under construction;
  • development of a work performance project, project of works’ execution with crane, project of construction etc.

CJSC Company "SpetsStroyMash" provides services of construction equipment such as:  

  • excavating;
  • truck cranes with carrying capacity up to 500 tons;
  • crawler erecting cranes with carrying capacity up to 1600 tons;
  • special equipment (portal system) with carrying capacity up to 1,100 tons;
  • modular system for transportation of off-gauge and heavy cargos with carrying capacity up to 2,000 tons;
  • nonstandard equipment (pedestals, beams, lodgements, traverses, torque wrenches, etc.).

Our clients are such significant players of the industrial market such as Oil Company Rosneft, OJSC "Gazprom", CJSC "Intertechelectro", CJSC "Sevzapenergomontazh", CJSC "Komienergomontazh", OJSC "OMUS-1", OJSC "Global system engineering", LLC "Iberdrola. Engineering and Construction ", NGO" Construction Management "Atomstroykompleks" and others.

Long-term experience of the Company "SpetsStroyMash" allows to fulfill orders of any complexity with quality. Every customer receives our highest guarantee of reliability and selects the most comfortable conditions for cooperation.