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Installation and construction works

JSC Company "SpetsStroyMash" carries out construction and installation works using the latest technologies and modern equipment that allows to perform work with high quality and in the shortest time.

Work on the installation - this is the most responsible stage, which requires from the organization the availability of highly qualified personnel. The company "SpetsStroyMash" today has a staff of certified engineer and technical workers, installers, welders, defectoscopists and other professionals who can perform the work at the highest level. They make the installation of complex metal structures and pipelines, technological equipment on various objects both within the Sverdlovsk region and throughout Russia.


  • gas and steam turbines;
  • turbine units;
  • steam boilers operating on gaseous, liquid and solid fuels;
  • boilers of various modifications;
  • waste heat recovery boilers;
  • pipelines of high and low pressure;
  • uxiliary equipment and technological metal structures;
  • vessels working under pressure;
  • different column equipment;
  • boiler equipment;
  • pipelines and others.

CJSC Company "SpetsStroyMash" also has a laboratory for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of the condition of objects. The activity of our laboratory is licensed. We have all the necessary permits for the control of equipment, materials and welded joints by non-destructive methods in manufacturing, construction, installation, repair, reconstruction and technical diagnostics of objects. Lab CJSC Company "SpetsStroyMash" uses the following non-destructive methods of control:

  • ultrasonic testing;
  • capillary control;
  • visual and measuring control.

Non-destructive testing laboratory is certified for the following types of objects:

1. Boiler inspection objects:

  • steam and water boilers;
  • vessels working under pressure over 0.07 MPa;
  • steam and hot water pipelines with working pressure more 0,07Mpa and water temperature above 115 ° C;

2. Gas supply systems (gas distribution):

  • outdoor gas pipelines;
  • parts and units, gas equipment;
  • internal gas pipelines.

3. Equipment of explosive and chemically hazardous industries.

  • equipment for chemical, petrochemical and refining industries, operating under pressure up to 16 MPa;
  • technological pipelines, steam and hot water pipelines.