CJSC Company "SpetsStroyMash" provides complex and highly complex lifting works on moving the equipment of different profiles and destination with mass of tens, hundreds or even thousands of tons.

We provide:

  • dismantling / installation of large-sized, heavy equipment and production lines;
  • lifting, lowering and moving of equipment in different ways including methods without the usage of cranes.

We move:

  • turbines, generators, transformers and other power equipment,
  • crane installations,
  • industrial machine tools of different modifications,
  • press, guillotines,
  • printing equipment,
  • various factory production lines,
  • cisterns, barrels and other. containers,
  • large-size constructions
  • and also many other nonstandard equipment.

We provide a complex analysis, which includes the studying of the plan of the building or area, identifying the ways of rigging and other works, as well as advising the clients on the preparation of the site, dismantling of constructions preventing the implementation of works and strengthening of structural system, in case of exceeding of the norms of the pressure on the main frameworks . Evaluation ends by providing the preliminary estimate and conversion rate on a complex of rigging works.

Company "SpetsStroyMash" carries out the organizational and technical measures providing the safe implementation of works, including detailed instruction of personnel on safety in order to avoid injuries and it makes a special permit.

  • all works in the company "SpetsStroyMash" are performed by experienced specialists in various fields.
  • there is all the necessary equipment and means of mechanization to perform any pulling or lifting operations.
  • we are ready to make special individual devices for your cargo, if there will appear the need.
  • we make project of production of works, and also comfortable and clear color instalation diagrams showing the locations of junctions.
We perform rigging works in several stages. First, preparatory works. Preparations of places of loading and unloading of equipment, as well dismantling of equipment, if it's necessary. Loading of cargo depends on the complexity of rigging works. Methods of loading depend on the weight of the cargo, the possibility of using specialized equipment on the place of loading. All works with the equipment are performing at the highest level. Therefore, we can guarantee you the safety of the cargo. Transportation of equipment is performing according to all rules. We select the right equipment, it is suitable for transportation of your cargo, transportation of off-gauge cargo is not a problem for our company. In case of unloading of the equipment at the place, specified by the customer, all necessary safety standards are providing and your cargo stays intact in place.


According to the above said, we can guarantee the quality of our rigging works. This means that we guarantee the safety of your cargo during the dismantling of equipment, moving of equipment and other varieties of rigging services.

It is difficult to find a company that can claim to be a professional in the field of complex rigging, but we can safely say that we come under the definition of professionals in the field. Work experience, high-quality technology, professionalism and competence of our staff give us every reason to believe that we will make rigging works at the highest level, for all of our clients, you can verify this by looking at the albums with works performed earlier. On them you can see that we have an individual approach to any new work, we will do everything for work to be done efficiently.

So, our company provides a full range of rigging works. Our work we do with high quality and fast, in compliance with all security measures. If you want to make rigging works, moving the equipment, dismantling, installation and any other types of rigging works, you can contact us and to be confident in the quality of our work in advance.

Unloading of the transformer from the trailer Preparation of turbine, weight 320 tons for transport in the installation area
The equipment is successfully installed on the foundation by the specialists of CJSC Company "SpetsStroyMash"

Rigging works on unloading of the turbine weighing 320 tons with railway transporter
The transformer has been successfully installed on the foundation

The turbine has been successfully installed on the foundation