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Rental services of hydraulic installations

СJSC Company "SpetsStroyMash" successfully operates in the field of loading and unloading operations and movement of cargos in different ways. We will help you in carrying out of the most complex projects of lifting.

A team of experienced engineers will develop all the necessary project documentation and prepare an individual decision during the installation and loading and unloading operations. List of lifting equipment includes not only roads and crawler cranes of various lifting capacity, but also the hydraulic systems for the movement of various kinds of large-sized and heavy cargoes.

Special lifting equipment due to their large size or weight, as well as high-level professionals are often required during moving the cargo. In such situations, we can offer all our experience, resources, work, dedication to the deal and professionalism.

We have special equipment that allows us to lift up to 1,100 tonnes of components in limited space.